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Ypsilanti Community Schools Adopts Elementary Reconfiguration Plan

Apr 22, 2014

The Ypsilanti Community Schools Board of Education Monday night approved a plan for reconfiguring the district's elementary schools that has Holmes Elementary moving to a balanced calendar next year.

Credit ycschools.us

Estabrook Elementary is tentatively scheduled to go to year-round school the following school year.

Superintendent Scott Menzel says the board also talked about establishing a "Young Fives" program,  a developmental program for kindergartners who'll be five years old by December 1st.

"If perhaps they're ready to move beyond preschool, but not quite ready for a traditional kindergarten classroom, this is kind of an interim step," Menzel says.

Menzel says the board also discussed developing a contingency plan in case student enrollment drops.  He says in this first year of the district's three-year transition plan there's likely to be the most variability.