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Ypsilanti Community Schools to go after School Improvement Funding

Mar 13, 2014

The state of Michigan is getting $16.7 million in U.S. Education Department School Improvement Grant funds, and Ypsilanti Community Schools hopes to be able to put some of that money to good use.

Credit ycs-insprired.org

Superintendent Scott Menzel said a grant would be used for teacher professional development to improve achievement and outcomes for students at Holmes Elementary School.

"We've been focusing on specific strategies," Menzel said. "If you look at our math scores, for example, we have opportunities for continued growth and improvement. We would be looking at ways to support the professional development for our teachers, and look at other resources that might be available through the grant to ensure that we're able to get this school off the priority list."

The state of Michigan has placed Holmes Elementary on it's list of "priority" schools, which means it ranks in the bottom five percent in the state's top-to-bottom rankings.

Grants will be awarded to districts that show the greatest need and strongest commitment to improving student achievement.