10:50 pm
Thu April 25, 2013

Ypsi-Willow Run Unified School Board Approves Mascot, Colors

It’s official – the mascot for Ypsilanti Community Schools is the Grizzlies, and the school colors are black and “Vegas” gold.  

The unified school board Thursday night accepted the recommendation of its Name and Identity Advisory Group. 

A new mascot and colors means buying things like new uniforms and signs.  Washtenaw Intermediate School District Superintendent Scott Menzel says that’ll be covered by a six million dollar grant from the state.

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Local News
1:25 pm
Wed April 24, 2013

Students Choose 'Grizzlies' For YCS Mascot

Students in the Ypsilanti and Willow Run school districts have voted, and it looks like the mascot for the new Ypsilanti Community Schools will be the Grizzlies. 

Students in grades seven through 12 voted, and more than 45 percent chose Grizzlies.  A little over 30 percent liked Trailblazers, and Flyers got less than 20 percent of the vote. 

The unified Willow Run-Ypsilanti school board Thursday night will consider a recommendation from its Name and Identity Advisory Group that it approve Grizzlies as the mascot, along with a black and "Vegas" gold color combination.

Local News
3:44 pm
Fri April 19, 2013

YCS Internal Teacher Interviews Wrapping Up, Process Has Had Glitches

The interview process for internal Ypsilanti and Willow Run teacher candidates who want to continue their work with Ypsilanti Community Schools next year is just about over. 

Ypsilanti Education Association President Krista Boyer says Ypsilanti teachers have been notified that all but three of their internal candidates have been interviewed, with the last interviews taking place next week. 

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Local News
4:48 pm
Fri April 12, 2013

Principals Hired For Ypsilanti Community Schools

The new unified Ypsilanti and Willow Run school district is expected to hire nine principals, and six of those jobs have now been filled by internal candidates from both districts. 

Nearly two dozen internal candidates applied for the jobs, and some may find other positions with Ypsilanti Community Schools. 

Washtenaw Intermediate School District Superintendent Scott Menzel says there are three principal positions yet to fill, and those will likely go to external candidates.

Local News
1:01 am
Fri April 12, 2013

Ypsilanti Community Schools Colors Set; Mascot To Be Determined By Students

Credit Bob Eccles

The unified Ypsilanti-Willow Run school board has approved black and “Vegas” gold as the colors for Ypsilanti Community Schools. 

That was the recommendation from the board’s Name and Identity Advisory Group, which also suggested the board put three potential mascots up for a student vote: Trailblazers, Grizzlies and Flyers.  

Students in grades seven through 12 will vote on a mascot next week, with the winning choice to be approved by the unified school board at its April 24th meeting.

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